Executive Board

Haslyn Parris
Chief Executive Officer

Alexis Montgomery
Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Ammons
President | A&R

Shai-Ann Parris





The Polar Movement is a multidimensional business that serves as a clothing company, an independent record label, and community outreach group.

P.O.L.A.R. is an acronym meaning Positive Out-Look About Reality. The Polar Movement is an umbrella company to Polar Clothing, TPM Records, and Polar Vision Studios. 

The Polar Movement believes it is our mission to impact local communities by participating in philanthropy and civic engagement. We’re empowered by using our platform to bring awareness and spark positive change.


Polar Clothing: 

We provide quality clothes that all members of our community can wear with pride and purpose. When Polar clothing was created, there was limited access to the fashion industry in urban black communities. As a black owned company we made it our priority to:

1. Make high quality street wear that inspires Visionaries and elevates the culture

2. Engineer each garment with optimism, designed to spread a positive message.

Whether our content is fashion or entertainment centered, the focus isn’t being trendy. We are focused on being inspired by those before us, the present world around us, and to think revolutionary enough to inspire the world after us. We believe the world needs a force like The POLAR Movement to remind people of all ages of their responsibility to think like a visionary and accomplish their dreams.


TPM Records is an independent music label that specializes in artist development and marketing. We strive to protect the integrity of the artist while promoting their art to the masses.


An all purpose media company owned by The Polar Movement to help bring creatives of visual arts together.